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September 2017 Planner Setup

September 2017 Planner Setup

Yes, my current every day carry is a B6! Shocking, I know, but I love it!!

There are a load of links for this one!


How I Make My Tiny Tabs

DIY Dashboards, Acetates, and Vellums

Notebook and Pens:

Chic Sparrow B6 Pemberley Angel

Pilot Coleto Lumio

TWSBI Diamond Mini


Marsia Bramucci B6 SmartPlan Month on 2 Pages

Peanuts Planner Co Personal Size Monthly Foldout Overview

AnniePlansPrintables B6 Foldover Year at a Glance

Marsia Bramucci B6 Yvonne Edition Week on 2 Pages

Marsia Bramucci B6 Washitape Blue Day on 1 Page

AnniePlansPrintables and Mommy Lhey Collab BuJo Style Insert

Dashboards, Acetates, and Vellums:

Digital Designs by Jodi (use code CARIESENTME30OFF for 30% off $3.00 or more!)

KaidensMomShops (use code CARIE20 for 20% off of your order!)

The Cheeky Darling


A Whimsical Adventure




Stickers and Diecuts:



My Newest Addiction

The Planner Shack

Fox and Pip

Mommy Lhey Facebook Group




Make Your Own Dashboards, Vellums, and Acetates

Make Your Own Dashboards, Vellums, and Acetates

One of the best things about having a paper planner is that each one is unique. You can make yours as pretty or as functional or as somewhere-in-between as you’d like.

I don’t tend to heavily decorate my planner pages; my brain works better with lot of white space. However, especially in the fall and winter (my favorite seasons), I decorate my insert covers heavily (for me).

When I discovered that I could not only design my own dashboards but also print on vellum and acetate, I was over the moon! Here’s how I did it. Links to the products I used (or as similar as I could currently find) are below the video.


(Links are Amazon Affiliate Links; if you choose to purchase any product listed, your cost does not increase, but I may receive a small amount… to pay for things like server space!) 😉


The Intersection of Pretty and Functional Planning

The Intersection of Pretty and Functional Planning

I love collab videos! Kelsie at Kelsie.Plans contacted me via Instagram and asked if we could collaborate on the facets of functional planning. How could I resist?

Go watch Kelsie’s video for her take on how she makes her functional planning pretty, and check out her Instagram feed and her Patreon for more planner goodness!

Thank you, Kelsie!

Links to the shops I mentioned:

DIYFish on Etsy:

Chic Sparrow:




Marsia Bramucci:


Stickii Club Monthly Sticker Subscription

Stickii Club Monthly Sticker Subscription

A ton of adorable stickers in a themed kit of my choosing for $10 a month? Heck, yeah!

Check out the Stickii Website

Follow StickiiClub on Instagram for previews of upcoming kits and cool uses for your stickers!

Putting Rings into a Traveler’s Notebook

Putting Rings into a Traveler’s Notebook

After many failed attempts and some help from the Chic Sparrow Facebook Group, I’ve finally gotten rings to stay inside of my strings!

These are personal size rings inside of a Chic Sparrow B6 slim notebook (Deluxe Odyssey Hera, for those of you keeping score). My tabs do stick out a bit at the opening side, but I like it that way. Next up, I would love to try the same thing in a regular B6 (not a Slim). I’m wondering if 30 mm rings will fit into a regular B6…


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