Make Your Own Dashboards, Vellums, and Acetates

Make Your Own Dashboards, Vellums, and Acetates

One of the best things about having a paper planner is that each one is unique. You can make yours as pretty or as functional or as somewhere-in-between as you’d like.

I don’t tend to heavily decorate my planner pages; my brain works better with lot of white space. However, especially in the fall and winter (my favorite seasons), I decorate my insert covers heavily (for me).

When I discovered that I could not only design my own dashboards but also print on vellum and acetate, I was over the moon! Here’s how I did it. Links to the products I used (or as similar as I could currently find) are below the video.


(Links are Amazon Affiliate Links; if you choose to purchase any product listed, your cost does not increase, but I may receive a small amount… to pay for things like server space!) 😉


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