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March 2018 Planner Setup

March 2018 Planner Setup

Finally, the March 2018 Planner Setup is up! Over the last few months I’ve tried several times to record a setup video, but, invariably, I accidentally left things showing regarding the trip to Chic Sparrow; since that was supposed to be a surprise, I decided to simply wait on doing the setup video until I returned from Spokane!

My main planner is currently a Chic Sparrow B6 Golden Maverick with 30 mm rings added and using all Personal Size Inserts. All of the links are below the video!

(ALSO: Big forewarning! For a little while in this video, you can hear the kitty making all sorts of crazy racket. She’s a stray who found us, and she went into heat right before I recorded this video. I edited it with the sound fairly low, so I didn’t realize how loudly she’s howling until after I posted it. She’s absolutely fine, and will be getting fixed soon as no one has claimed her and she’s decided we’re her people. 🙂 )

And here are alllll of the links!


April 2017 Planner Setup

April 2017 Planner Setup

Just a few changes since the March set-up…

Chic Sparrow Outlander


Stickers from PlannerKate

Tomoe River paper Grid Notebook from Goulet Pens

vCarie from DIYFish

v3s2 from DIYFish

AnniePlansPrintables Pocket TN size April 2017 Month-Week-Daily Timed

Semikolon Page Flags

Field Notes Grid Notebook

AnniePlansPrintables Pocket TN Appointment Tracker

AnniePlansPrintables Pocket TN Undated Daily Grid

Fold Out Yearly Calendar from AnniePlansPrintables


January 2017 Planner Setup – A6 Chic Sparrow Pemberley

January 2017 Planner Setup – A6 Chic Sparrow Pemberley

There’s some chit-chat at the beginning, and the planner close-ups start at roughly 4:25. 🙂

Here’s the big list of links to everything you see… please let me know if I missed anything!

A6 Pemberley Notebook from Chic Sparrow

Charms from Pick Up Sticks Jewelry

— Charm from Analog Stationers

— Charm from In The Box Subscriptions

— Crystal Pen from PenGems

— Handwritten Tabs from Berry Patch Paperie

— Insert Covers from Digital Designs by Jodi on Etsy

— Dot Grid, Month/Day/Week, Undated Daily from Annie Plans Printables

Ultimate A6 Planner from PawsPlanCreate

Plan Book from DIYFish

Month on One and Two Pages Horizontal from Marsia Bramucci on Etsy

June 2016 Planner Setup – Van der Spek Standard Touch Me

June 2016 Planner Setup – Van der Spek Standard Touch Me

My June 2016 setup is finally live! I had to learn some new (to me) editing tricks with this one, and then the upload seemed to take ages. And then there are all of the links to do. Twice.


However, it is done! Yay!

Here’s the huge list of links to all of the fantastic places I visited to deck out my setup in a way that I find both functional and pretty:

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