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One Book July 2020 | Introduction

One Book July 2020 | Introduction

I love One Book July as much as I *don’t* like summer (and that’s saying something)!

We thought this year it was especially important for everyone to be able to get whatever they need out of One Book July.

If you’d like an overview of what everyone is doing, you can watch Rhomany’s Live replay here:

I’m excited to host another readalong this year! If you’d like to join me, I’ll be reading and discussing The One Thing by Gary Keller.

While I’ll be posting weekly videos, I thought it would also be beneficial to have a place where we can talk about the book in “real time.” I created a group in the Band app (or website). If you’d like to join, clink this link and you’ll be in.

Here is what I’ll be following as far as a reading schedule. If you join the group in the Band app, this schedule is listed there as well.

June 29 – July 5: Introduction

July 6 – July 12: Part 1

July 13 – July 19: Part 2

July 20 – July 26: Part 3

July 27 – August 2: Summary and Review

All of the One Book July hosts are up to all kinds of different things this year, so make sure you watch and follow them in all of the places!

One Book July YouTube Channel

One Book July Facebook Group

All of our social media details…




Chic Sparrow Huckleberry Creme and new Folio Design

Chic Sparrow Huckleberry Creme and new Folio Design

This color screams Spring!

Watch here to get a peek at the newest Chic Sparrow Creme Collection color, Huckleberry.

And the new Folio design is super-sweet, too!

Chic Sparrow

Chic Sparrow Creme Collection

Chic Sparrow Huckleberry Creme

Chic Sparrow Folios

Using Canva to Make Decorative Stickers

Using Canva to Make Decorative Stickers

I love using Canva to make planner stickers, especially larger photo stickers for my monthly layout. Canva is also a great tool for making insert covers and dashboards. Watch below to see how I use the custom dimensions setting in Canva to create a monthly sidebar sticker.

***UPDATE! Canva now has a page dedicated to creating your own custom stickers and labels! Check it out here.***

January 2020 Planner Setup

January 2020 Planner Setup

After much jumping around from planner to planner, format to format, and never quite feeling comfortable and at home, I have found a happy place!

As always, here are allllll the links!


Chic Sparrow Narrow Waypoint Planner (original version)

Chic Sparrow Leather Tabs ‘To Do’

— Office Depot Translucent Self-Stick Notes

— Favorite Paper Clips – LilyandLolaCo on Etsy

Tomoe River Paper, White, Loose Leaf, Letter Size, 100 sheets

— Semikolon Sticky Page Tab Markers:

— PaperPanduh Sticky Notes:

— inkImperfections on YouTube:

— Daksina on YouTube:

— Lauren (@LaurensOrganizedChaos) on YouTube:


— ThePaperAndCats Narrow 2020 Monday Start Monthly Planner with Grid Pages:

— ThePaperAndCats Narrow InkImperfections Monthly Tracker:

— Month label and deco made on Canva:

— PlannerPress on Etsy – Hobonichi Monthly Peonies with Gold Foil Tabs 2270:

— PlannerKate on Etsy – Hobonichi Weeks Monthly Quarter Box Labels WKS-18:

— PlannerKate on Etsy – Transparent Mini Dots:

— MJandHope Teeny Tiny Functional Stickers:

— KaidensMomShops on Etsy – School Page Flags:

— SMPlans 2020 Year At A Glance + Important Dates and Holidays:


— ThePaperAndCats Narrow Undated WO1P Task Column:

— AnniePlansPrintables Standard TN Size Plain Grid:

— Peanuts Planner Co. Insert 127 Vertical Weekly Timed Schedule Grid Columns WO2P:


— PaperPenguinCo Tomoe River Paper 160 Pages White:


— PeanutsPlannerCo 2020 Yearly Dated Bundle:

— Floral Tabs: SunshineStickerCo on Etsy – Bullet Journal Tab Stickers:

— Tab Labels: KaidensMomShops on Etsy – Fancy Script Divider Labels:

— PeanutsPlannerCo printable Monthly sticky notes, both Monday and Sunday Start; free download from Peanuts Planner Co Facebook Group:

— Peanuts Planner Co Insert 117 Categorized List:

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