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Project Planning #2 – Scheduling, Planning, & Archiving

Project Planning #2 – Scheduling, Planning, & Archiving

To me, scheduling your projects and planning them out are both about the same idea: breaking something big into smaller, more manageable pieces. Here’s how I schedule my projects and break them down so they get done, using a video project as an example.

Field Notes size Monthly Calendars from Marsia Bramucci on Etsy (video of the full MTN-size setup coming soon!)

DIYFish MTN v2.2 (Monthly Calendar and Weekly Charts)


How the Evernote Moleskine Notebooks work

December 2014 Setup — LM-Hyperdex

December 2014 Setup — LM-Hyperdex

I could’ve also entitled this “Revenge of The Tick Boxes.” Or, “Watch Carie try to fix things after she became publicly obsessive about time and tasks because she was so overwhelmed.”

(And that overwhelmed feeling was just because of Thanksgiving. Let’s wait and see what Christmas does to my brain…)

I explain all of this in the video. Please feel free to point and laugh. 🙂

Here are all of the relevant links:

LM-Hyperdex Day on 2 Pages for the MTN

How Maryanne Moll uses her Hyperdex

How Tracy Reinhardt uses her LM-Hyperdex Pages (at the 12:30 mark)

Rhomany’s video in which she affirms the Overwhelm ( So. Many. Tick Boxes!!) that I had just eradicated the day before.

Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser iPad Case

Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser iPad Case

I have a new love in my life, and, I have to admit, the mobile office has never worked as well as it does now.

Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser and iPad Case
Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser and iPad Case


This is the Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser and iPad Case. And it is utterly lovely.

My iPad 2 fits perfectly in the case, not too snug but not loose at all. My son’s iPad Air 2 fits beautifully as well, which is a true testament to the thought that goes into designing the eAccessories. Making a case that can comfortably accommodate two devices that differ that much (especially in thickness) is not an easy feat!

Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser and iPad Case
My new addition to The Mobile Office


The planner is removable, and beneath it you’ll find loads of pockets for business cards, your phone, a small notebook… you can fit a lot in there!

Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser and iPad Case
Room for iPhone 5s, business cards, a small notebook… great use of space


The organiser fits perfectly into both the smaller and larger Mobile Office bags… look at the gorgeous pop of color!

Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser and iPad Case
Looks fantastic in The Mobile Office messenger bag


The Pennybridge has been hauled everywhere with me for the last few weeks, and it’s holding up beautifully. Researching and writing on-the-go is much easier now.

Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser and iPad Case
Makes taking notes while reading on-the-go a breeze.


I’m finding client meetings a lot easier to handle as well. I can take notes, explain processes and quickly show mock-ups all by using one zipped binder.

Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser and iPad Case
Fantastic for meeting notes, client info, and mock-ups at a moment’s notice


Don’t worry, though… it hasn’t been all work and no play. Having both the planner and iPad in one place has made the start of Christmas shopping for The Frat Boys a breeze.

Filofax Pennybridge A5 Organiser and iPad Case
Shopping Online for Christmas has never been so easy


If you’d like to check out what others have been doing with their Filofax eAccessories, head over the the Filofax Facebook Page and take a peek!


What a Response!

What a Response!

You have all blown my mind with the amazing response to the first What’s Your Why Not post.

In the spirit of chasing and achieving our Why Nots, I’ve been working on something that is by no means complete and seems utterly crazy, but it feels right, so I’m throwing it out there for all of you.

Instead of doing What’s Your Why Not as a series here, I’ve started an entirely separate website dedicated to just that. As I said in the introductory video, I would love to see this grow organically… I by no means have an entire series all outlined and ready to go. In order to have the room we may need to explore this crazy-huge topic together, a new site seems to be the right move.

This website here, my site, isn’t going anywhere, so don’t worry about that. This site will remain the same as it is now; only the What’s Your Why Not content will be on the new site.

My biggest reason for doing this is all of you. It has been amazing to see the conversations that sprouted up from the introductory video. In more than one social media arena, one person said, “Here’s my Why Not,” shortly followed by a response from someone else saying, “That’s my Why Not too! I started a year ago, and here’s where I am now.”

It made my heart warm to see people relating to each other and helping each other find their Why Nots. In order for that to continue to grow, I felt that we might try some forums… one place where we can all discuss our Why Nots, our struggles, our achievements, and help others.

So, go take a peek! As I said before, it’s by no means completely what I envision in full, but I want to start in bits & pieces like I did with this site.

I hope you all enjoy it, and I truly hope you all join in.

Project Planning 1 – The Framework

Project Planning 1 – The Framework

Step One in Project Planning, for me, is having a dependable framework. I usually only get to chip away at projects in little bits of stolen time here and there, so I need to be able to quickly access the next steps for each project.

In Project Planning 2, I’ll set up a sample project with you, and possibly review how Step One is used in Step 2.

Project Planning 3 will be all about Evernote. 🙂


Go check out Rhomany and Vicky on YouTube as well… I’m interested to see how differently (or similarly) we all do this! Share your posts and ideas on your favorite social media.

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