Write. Stuff. Down.

Write. Stuff. Down.

In a rut? Hating it?

We’ve all been there.

Maybe you feel like you aren’t doing enough with your life. Or maybe you have so much going on that you feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to find a higher purpose for yourself in the midst of the chaos.

It’s ok.

There’s a solution.

(Well, there’s a solution that works for me. Your mileage may vary.)

Write Stuff Down.

2013-08-17 17.33.05

That’s honestly it. Just write stuff down. Write everything down.

This solution tends to work well because it can apply to any situation, really.

If you feel like you’re not doing enough with your life, writing everything down shows you what you are doing with your time. Examining everything you’ve written down for, say, a week, will tell you where you can schedule time to pursue what you truly want to do. Keeping track of everything you do will expose your habits and your routines in stark black & white, which will enable you to add or remove activities as you see fit.
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If you feel overwhelmed by everything going on around you, writing everything down still shows what you’re doing with your time. When you realize you have personal goals that you aren’t making any action toward meeting, you might start to get down on yourself. You might ask yourself why you can’t seem to meet these personal expectations. (This is me, all over, through and through.) When you keep track of everything you’ve done for a week and look back on it, you’ll probably find that you’ve been doing what everyone else needed done but haven’t had much time left over for your stuff. Seeing your days broken down, hour by hour, can help you to find tiny niches of time in which to take steps toward your own goals.

So, write stuff down. Write all of the Stuff Down. You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself.

(Do you already practice this? Are you going to try it for a week? Either way, please share how it’s working and what you’ve learned!)
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