Tracking My Time – Episode 2

Tracking My Time – Episode 2

Tracking my time has been a learning experience, especially in the last few days.

School started four days ago, and, true to my typical nature, I overscheduled Monday. I got a lot done, but not everything I wanted to get done. I am nothing if not consistent, and my biggest consistency is overscheduling Mondays. I’m still learning to resist piling everything I didn’t get done over the weekend into Monday, and, in my defense, I haven’t had a Monday-School-Day to plan for in months.

As I’m sure you can guess, when I sat down to do my quick daily review on Monday evening, I was slightly frustrated at what I hadn’t gotten done.

Filling out my little daily review showed me really quickly what I had (not surprisingly) done…

I had overscheduled Monday.

These pages are a mash-up of the DIYFish Lifemapping Mobile Inserts and the time circle from Kate Smith’s website, both linked below. The center box on the DIYFish pages is editable, so you can add an image, which is where I put the Artist’s Circle (well, that’s where Rhomany put it, because she was helping me because she is beyond awesome).

Applicable links are here, peeps:

Patrick Ng’s Website (Chronodex)

Kate Smith’s Website

DIYFish LMMobile Inserts

Rhomany’s Realm on YouTube

MissVickyBee on YouTube

Here’s a peek at the sweet results of tweaking the daily review sheets (with help from Rhomany!).


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