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Method versus System

Method versus System

In order for me to be both productive in my planning and fulfilled in my life, I need both breadth and depth in my planning. The Bullet Journal Method opened my eyes to what I see as the differences between “Method” and “System.” I’m curious what you all see as the possible differences between the two, if you do see differences.

I reached out to Lauren to see if she saw any differences, and we decided to do a set of collab videos talking about this topic. I can’t wait for you all to see Laurens video, because it is awesome! Go watch Lauren’s video, come back here and watch mine, and then let us know what you think!

As I said above, both breadth and depth are important to me in my planning. My System can handle breadth; regardless of what comes at me in the course of a day, as long as I write it down, it all ends up where it needs to be in order to get done. The Method provides the depth. The Method helps me to see why I’m doing things.

For me, the Method is the filter through with all things pass before being fed into the System, which is the nuts and bolts, i.e., my planner. The Method is, for me, in essence, Mindfulness.

The Method helps to clear mental distractions and self-doubt. The Method helps me to choose what to do, helps me to see why I’m doing it, and the System shows me how and when to do it.

The Method helps me to see connections between seemingly disparate things in the System, which makes me more efficient and brings depth to those things.

Six Benefits to Having a Planning System

Six Benefits to Having a Planning System

Now that you’ve seen the current setup and my planning system, I thought I’d share the top six benefits I’ve found in maintaining a planning system.



The Six Benefits, Summarized:

  1. Allows for flexibility in what materials you use to “hold” that system.
  2. Allows me to focus on completion rather than organization.
  3. Peace of Mind.
  4. Reference and Archival Purposes
  5. Fewer things fall through the cracks.
  6. Quick, custom access to what I should be doing and what I need to do it.


My Planning System

My Planning System

You’ve seen my setup… now here is how the system itself works.

The system keeps things going smoothly and efficiently. Regardless of what inserts or what size or what kind of planner I’m using, my system is always the same.

In this video, I walk you through how all of the pieces of my planner work together to keep me organized and on-task.


If using your Daily Pages as an Inbox doesn’t work for you, BrandyMichellePlans has a great idea regarding an Inbox Notebook.

Why I Use Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Layouts

Why I Use Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Layouts

Many of you have asked, and I’m finally answering!

For the way I plan, I need all three of these layouts; they work together in the same fashion that I approach projects.

The monthly view shows me an overview of several weeks and how the events that fall in those weeks fit together (or how I’ll have to force them to work together).

The weekly view shows me just the current week without any distractions from the prior or upcoming weeks. My weekly view has more detail than my monthly view.

The daily view zooms in even close to just the current day — no distractions from the prior or upcoming days and far more detail than my weekly view.

Here’s the video where I explain perhaps more clearly than I’m doing in writing (the allergies are melting my brain):


October 2016 Planner Setup – Chic Sparrow Personal Pemberley in Honey

October 2016 Planner Setup – Chic Sparrow Personal Pemberley in Honey

Here are the many, many links to everything you see in the video!

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Insert Covers and Ephemera


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