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Planner How-To: Switching Sizes

Planner How-To: Switching Sizes

I usually switch planner sizes several times throughout the year. Sometimes I switch because I need more space, or less space, or, frankly, because I’m itching to use a certain leather and I only have it in one size.

Switching sizes so many times has taught me a few little tips that can make the change back and forth a bit easier on both your sanity and your wallet.

  1. I buy undated, trial sets, or one-month-only inserts for the main “guts” of my planning (my Monthly, Weekly, and Daily).
  2. When buying the inserts that I absolutely know I will use all year (like my forward planning calendar from Marsia Bramucci), I always purchase a Personal size for a ringed binder; those inserts stay in that binder on my desk.
  3. When I leave one size of notebook for another, I leave the original notebook set up. I only copy pertinent information into the new size. Then, when I switch back into the original size, all of the original info (lists, for example) is already there and I only have to copy over any info added since I left that particular size.


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