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The Yearly Chart from DIYFish

The Yearly Chart from DIYFish

Like all DIYFish inserts, the yearly chart can be used in a myriad of ways. I’ve played with these charts for well over a year now, and I’ve found a process that works extremely well for me.

My yearly chart serves as an index and tracker; it gives me a great overview of everything that was going on in our lives at a particular time.  The only forward planning I do on this chart takes place at the end of the current year when the upcoming year’s chart becomes available. I usually don’t change out my monthly calendar pages until the end of December, so the yearly chart provides a place for me to jot notes onto post-its and keep them safe until I can transfer them to my monthly calendars.

Are you using a yearly calendar or chart of some sort? How do you use it?





Personal Size Traveler’s Notebooks and Inserts

Personal Size Traveler’s Notebooks and Inserts

For those of us who keep an eye on (ahem… are obsessed with… ahem) the “Planner World,” you may have noticed a “new” size cropping up here and there.

It’s my Favorite. It’s my Comfort Zone.

It’s Personal Size!

Here’s a video of how I currently have my personal size set up; below the video, you’ll find links to inserts in this size (at least the ones I have found). If you’re interested in a traveler’s notebook cover in this size, I strongly suggest searching Etsy, or, better yet, going to the Midori Traveler’s Notebook Resources Group on Facebook (search and request to be added if necessary) and perusing their list of sellers. I’ve tried to go through all of the sellers there and on Etsy, but you’d need to contact the seller for a particular size just to be safe, so I’ve left that list off of here.


Other Links

Notebook Covers



Mr. Darcy Leather from ChicSparrow

Mr. Darcy Leather from ChicSparrow

In a concerted effort to stay ahead of the game when I can, I contacted Jennifer Harvey at ChicSparrow a few months ago regarding what I wanted to use for this year’s One Book July.

After much digging and hunting on Jennifer’s part, this is the result.

Absolutely stunning.

The leather is firm but molds quickly around the inserts and lays flat immediately on opening. It has a shine to it that will wear away with use; this is the result of the oils being brought to the surface and then polishing with a soft cloth.

This leather will show its use over time, as you can see in the video. It is meant to show scuffs and scratches; in short, it tells its story.

Current Stationery & Office Supply Favorites

Current Stationery & Office Supply Favorites

I’ve been lucky to come across some fantastic stationery/office supply/planner goodies lately that very quickly became favorites… these are all now staples of my planning process and use.

Where can you find these awesome goodies? Here!


Archiving Your Planner

Archiving Your Planner

Do you keep your used planner pages? If so, do you use some sort of back-up method for keeping the really important information safe?

I do keep my planner pages, for several reasons:

  • I find it useful to refer to how I dealt with huge schedule changes in the past
  • Important dates and paperwork (receipts, etc.) are easy to find
  • Looking back on events is a fun trip down memory lane

Of course, anything that is super-important or to which I know I will need to refer in the future gets scanned into Evernote, like so.

Go check out how Rhomany archives her pages!


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