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#onebookjuly2015 Wrap Up

#onebookjuly2015 Wrap Up

Better late than never, right? Right?

Finally, my One Book July Wrap-Up video is complete. Please ignore the puffy-wrinkly-allergy-ridden eyes, mmm-k?



Monthly Setup and Review

Monthly Setup and Review

A thorough Monthly Review is key for my planning system. I do a thorough Weekly Review as well, but the Monthly Review has two indispensable benefits:

  1. It gives me a Big Picture look at what I accomplished during the month, which keeps me motivated to continue moving forward.
  2. It helps me to catch any tasks I didn’t complete that I may have missed during the Weekly Reviews.

I do my Monthly Review while doing the setup for the upcoming month. This way, I can immediately migrate any unfinished tasks. I explain in the video below how I do a Monthly Setup and Review. I’ve also listed the steps below the video for those of you who may want to try this method for yourselves.

My steps for a monthly review/upcoming month setup:

  1. Prep the upcoming month booklet. For me, this means moving my Yearly Chart from the prior month booklet into the upcoming month booklet, inserting my DIYFish Monthly Calendar & Chart, inserting the upcoming week’s schedule (DIYFish v3s3, currently), and adding a tip-in for the weekly task list. (Having the weekly task list as a tip-in allows me to see it at the same time as my daily pages.)
  2. Migrate dates from my forward planning calendar onto the upcoming monthly calendar. I also check the shared family calendar (digital) for Mike’s schedule and anything else I may have missed.
  3. Migrate any applicable bill due dates from my financial planner pages onto the monthly calendar.
  4. Browse through prior month’s pages and index anything that I may have missed during the weekly reviews. These are only things to which I may need to refer at a later date; if it’s important enough, I snap a picture and upload it to Evernote.
  5. Migrate any incomplete tasks from the prior month to the proper place. If it needs to be done immediately, it goes on the upcoming week’s task list. If it just needs to be done sometime during the upcoming month, it goes on the monthly task list. If I’m not sure where to put it, it goes on The Big List (which gets reviewed every week, so things don’t fall through the cracks). (Full Disclosure: things do still fall through the cracks. I am human.) 🙂
  6. Check The Big List and all project pages for tasks that can be completed this month. I add these tasks to either the monthly or weekly task list, depending on when I want or need to complete them.
  7. Process all items tabbed with page flags. I use page flags to indicate notes and tasks that need to be processed, meaning that they need to go somewhere else (onto a list or project page, into my writing notebook, etc.).
#onebookjuly2015 Initial Setup

#onebookjuly2015 Initial Setup

It’s here! It’s time again for One Book July!

One Book July is a chance to strip down your system to just the nuts and bolts and explore what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, what you truly need, and what needs to go.

Here’s Rhomany’s video explaining exactly what One Book July is.

After intending for months to use a Field Notes size Sparrow, the addition of journaling and a crazy-busy July pushed me into a Personal size instead.

My initial setup is here:

I’m using a Personal size Mr. Darcy notebook from ChicSparrow in the color Buttered Rum.

My monthly calendar insert is from Marsia Bramucci on Etsy.

The grid inserts are from ChicSparrow.

My yearly chart and Monthly Calendar & Chart are from DIYFish.

Like last year, Rhomany, Vicky, and I will be doing weekly updates… I hope you join us and do the same! Make sure to tag anything you post anywhere with #onebookjuly2015.

The Yearly Chart from DIYFish

The Yearly Chart from DIYFish

Like all DIYFish inserts, the yearly chart can be used in a myriad of ways. I’ve played with these charts for well over a year now, and I’ve found a process that works extremely well for me.

My yearly chart serves as an index and tracker; it gives me a great overview of everything that was going on in our lives at a particular time.  The only forward planning I do on this chart takes place at the end of the current year when the upcoming year’s chart becomes available. I usually don’t change out my monthly calendar pages until the end of December, so the yearly chart provides a place for me to jot notes onto post-its and keep them safe until I can transfer them to my monthly calendars.

Are you using a yearly calendar or chart of some sort? How do you use it?





Current Stationery & Office Supply Favorites

Current Stationery & Office Supply Favorites

I’ve been lucky to come across some fantastic stationery/office supply/planner goodies lately that very quickly became favorites… these are all now staples of my planning process and use.

Where can you find these awesome goodies? Here!


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