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Quarter Four – 2021 – Planner Flip

Quarter Four – 2021 – Planner Flip

Before I do the quarterly reset, let’s flip through these pages!

Links to everything are in the Description Box! Thank you!

April 2019 Planner Setup

April 2019 Planner Setup

My current setup video comes with a bonus; it’s a collab with MySummerTouch! I was thrilled when she contacted me because hers were some of the very first planner videos I ever watched on YouTube. I’ve learned so much from her system and her aesthetic.

Go watch her setup video first, because she’s also running a giveaway!

You can also find MySummerTouch on Facebook and on Etsy.

My current setup is in a B6 Stalogy, and I’m loving it more than I’ve ever loved a bound book.

I change out the cover every few days. In this particular video, I’m using a Filofax Personal Malden, color Stone, from which I’ve removed the rings following directions shown in this video by KentFromOz.

Links to the items in this video:

B6 Stalogy

Filofax Personal Malden in Stone

Stickers and Sticky Notes from Paper Panduh

Decoration and tabs from KinleighsDoodles March 2019 Doodlebox

Section Covers, 2019 Year At A Glance, MO1P, and Spring Floral Notes from SMPlans on Etsy

2019 Yearly Bundle Foldout from Peanuts Planner Co

Teeny Tiny Stickers from MJAndHope

My ubiquitous page flags from Semikolon

Charms from Heart and Hound

Week 2 Paper Planner Update | One Book July 2018

Week 2 Paper Planner Update | One Book July 2018

A quick update on the paper portion of my planning system for Week 2 of One Book July 2018!

The next videos will all be about the apps I use and how it all fits together to make a planning system that works for me! 🙂



Floral Photo Vellums from Reaping Willows on Etsy

Horizontal Grid Weekly with Daily Habit Tracker from Peanuts Planner Co (DR 144)

Charms from TwoWeeksOnMars on Etsy

Mini Wide Paperclips from LilyandLolaCo on Etsy

Personal Bow Covers Bundle from JeseniaPrintables on Etsy


Archiving Your Planner

Archiving Your Planner

Do you keep your used planner pages? If so, do you use some sort of back-up method for keeping the really important information safe?

I do keep my planner pages, for several reasons:

  • I find it useful to refer to how I dealt with huge schedule changes in the past
  • Important dates and paperwork (receipts, etc.) are easy to find
  • Looking back on events is a fun trip down memory lane

Of course, anything that is super-important or to which I know I will need to refer in the future gets scanned into Evernote, like so.

Go check out how Rhomany archives her pages!


Comparing DIYFish MTN and Filofax Inserts

Comparing DIYFish MTN and Filofax Inserts

I have the best readers and subscribers, no question.

Someone asked if I would show how I use the DIYFish MTN v2.2 inserts compared to how I used the DIYFish Lifemapping Inserts v2, which I used until last May (there’s no direct link to these particular inserts as they are no longer available; if you like them, go check out DIYFish on Etsy for many similar layouts).

A summary of the differences (for my use, at least):

  1. Size. The MTN inserts are taller and slightly wider. I like having the A5-height provided by the MTN inserts without also having to deal with the A5 width. This size feels perfect in my hand. The taller height also gives a much larger Weekly Calendar and Weekly Chart; more space in the weekly chart means more room for Project Details.
  2. Notes. I used to take a lot of notes on my daily pages because I had the space afforded by the Day on 2 Pages layout. However, as I reconfigured my Projects setup, I found that I didn’t need as much daily space. Now, any random notes I take throughout each day go either directly into my Brain Dump notebook or directly onto their applicable Project Page.
  3. Forward Planning. I used to stock my Personal Size Malden with all of the current month’s pages and several upcoming Monthly Calendars as well. The MTN v2.2 inserts print out one booklet per month; rather than making a separate booklet comprised of the upcoming Monthly Calendars (which I like to keep neat until I set up each particular month), I printed several months from the Rogue Crusade SkinnyJane Blank Month Calendar to use for forward planning.
  4. Bills. I used to keep a listing of the monthly bills on my Monthly Chart; however, for some reason, I completely skipped using that chart in August. While I am now filling the Monthly Chart again, it’s all Project info now, and my bills are kept on sticky notes on the empty column next to the Monthly Calendar.

(Leather Traveler’s Notebooks shown in this video are from ChicSparrow on Etsy.)

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