Starting From Scratch — Mike’s First Paper Planner

Starting From Scratch — Mike’s First Paper Planner

The ever-increasing busy-ness of Mike’s schedule combined with his missing several key things right in a row have convinced him that he needs a paper planner. September holds two long road trips for hockey, so he spent the last few weeks getting moved in and adjusted before he hits the road. Here’s where we’re starting… we’ll revisit his planner in October to see how September went for him!

Here’s a peek at Mike’s first paper planner; it’s the result of several discussions we had while perusing the following websites.

(Watching him adjust to this is going to be so much fun!)

He loves the Vertical Week on Two Pages from Philofaxy, but I need to figure out how to tweak it into booklet style for use in a Midori-style notebook.

My Life All In One Place: July 2014-December 2016 Monthly Calendars and Daily Journal with Times

My overview of Mike’s leather notebook from ChicSparrow on Etsy

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