Planner Needs | One Book July 2022

Planner Needs | One Book July 2022

Figuring out my planner needs was fundamental in building my system.

My main, absolutely necessary need is the Seamless Flow of Information, both into and out of my planner and within the planner itself, amongst the sections. I don’t want to have to think about where to put incoming information, and I shouldn’t have to think about where to retrieve information when I need it.

I also need:
— Quick capture of information: Reminders, the Drafts app, and Fantastical

— A “Filtered” Yearly (finances and travel schedule)

— Monthly (full year): out of the ordinary schedule things, game schedule, due dates, monthly task list, quarterly goals (not in a separate space or I forget about them), memory keeping

— Weekly (full year is not a need but I like it): daily schedule for each person whose schedule I’m responsible for, day-specific tasks, due dates, weekly task list (which includes project tasks)

— Daily: daily schedule broken down by drop off and pickup times, day/specific tasks, notes about what I did that day, journaling, blank space for whatever I need at a moment’s notice

— Projects: set up by their particular needs, currently active projects on sticky notes in the current monthly section

— Tabs: quick access to information

— Sticky notes: moving information easily, quick notes, printable sticky notes for specific needs

— Portability: I use my planner more when it’s always with me. The more I use it, the better the system becomes.

— Options: Right now, my brain craves the ease in turning to a blank space and using it for whatever I need. My current setup accommodates that need in my Daily book.

— Pockets: to keep spare sticky notes, my ruler, stickers, keepsakes


— Pretty things: some tasks just aren’t fun to see written in your planner because you’re dreading doing them. At least having a pretty space to do them in makes them a little more tolerable.

— Photos: make my planner uniquely mine

— These aesthetic things make my planner enjoyable. I take a few minutes every morning just to flip through my planner and simply enjoy it. I made a reel about it here:

— A cover that feels good: I want to enjoy the material from which it is made, the weight of it, the size of it in my hand.

You can find your own planner needs in any number of ways, and I’m sure there are more than I’ll offer here.

You can start with a blank book and only add the things you have decided you absolutely need. Then, as time, progresses, you can add or remove things as needed.

Starting with a predesigned system can also be a great place to start. Something from Franklin Covey, Filofax, or Day Designer is all set up and ready to use. Then you can add and remove things as you need.

Free printables are also a great way to jump start building your system. Philofaxy and Peanuts Planner Co offer great free printables if you’d like to start there.

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