New Field Notes Size Planning Pages (vCarie) from DIYFish

New Field Notes Size Planning Pages (vCarie) from DIYFish

I’ve developed several bad planning habits. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but they’re definitely habits that need to go.

Chief amongst these bad habits is that I haven’t been maintaining a Long View as far as projects are concerned. I’ve had an absolute lack of focus. Every week I go through my project lists, picking and choosing a few; this would be fine if I also completed said projects. However, I’d take the whole week to prep for those projects (namely, video projects), get bogged down with everyone else’s needs (which really can’t be avoided in The Frat House), and then I’d be planning out the next week again, sifting through my lists again… right back at The Dreaded Square One.

As it’s the beginning of the school year, I was helping two of the Frat Boys plan out their book projects for the first quarter. While we were sketching out the pages for these projects in their Field Notes notebooks, it occurred to me that something similar might help me regain the focus I’d lost and find my Long View again.

I hastily threw together a few sketches and sent them to DIYFish. What she created from those sketches is even better than I could’ve imagined.

From the epic brain of DIYFish, I give you vCarie (yes, she named it after me, even though she’s the brilliant one).


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