MTN Finance Planner from PlanInk on Etsy

MTN Finance Planner from PlanInk on Etsy

I have finally found a midori-style finance planner that covers everything I’ll need, for the entire year, in one slim insert!

Go have a look at PlanInk on Etsy… there are inserts for both ringed binders and midori-style notebooks. Here’s the link to this particular finance planner, which is an instant download.

  • Helen M

    Hi.. I notice that when you flipped to your monthly calendar at the end of the video that you’re not using the DIY Fish insert – have you stopped using them altogether?

    • Hi Helen!! I am still using the DIYFIsh inserts for everything as far as calendars & planning except for the monthly calendar (that is from MarsiaBramucci on Etsy). Because of the hockey season schedule for my husband and all of the kids’ goings-on, it’s far easier for me to have a full year of monthly calendars for forward planning.

  • AHHHH! I love this! I cannot tell you how much I’ve racked my brain on the best system for this to no avail. Carie, I think you may have just found it for me! Thanks, Doll!

    • I’m so happy to hear that you think this will be helpful! Let me know how it goes, ok?

  • Cheryl

    I know that this post is old. I see that the shop for this insert is closed. Did you find a new shop for this insert. If so can you share. Thanks, Cheryl

    • Hi, Cheryl! I didn’t find another shop for a financial insert, so I made my own for this year. It’s a full spread per month; on the left side I lost all of the regular bills and their amounts, and on the right side I list income and then all other spending separated into categories.

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