January to June 2022 Planner Flip

January to June 2022 Planner Flip

I’ve finally stayed in one planner, and been able to make time, to record a six-month planner flip! I thoroughly enjoy watching planner flips because I always learn something, regardless of what kind of planner the person is using.

And here are all of the links to everything mentioned!

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Cover — ChicSparrow Austen Darcy Pocket

Moleskine Pocket Softcover Ruled Notebooks: https://amzn.to/3wuifD5

Monthly Cover Freebies — PaperTessDesigns on IG (link in her bio): https://bit.ly/PTD-IG-bio

Free Coffee Sticky Notes set — minimal.kylie on Instagram

Summer Dawn Printable — LionsHeartCreations on Etsy

SouthernBellePlans Laminated Bookmark

Printable Sticky Notes — PaperTessDesigns on Etsy

PeanutsPlannerCo Insert 147 Yearly Dated Bundle 2022

Month on 2 Pages — Small Weekends v2 — Marsia Bramucci on Etsy:

Deco Stickers and Washi — PaperMintyStudio

Transparent Dots — Lets Make It Sparkle

Dusty Florals Printables — LionsHeartCreations on Etsy

Lilac Wildflower Design Paper — LatuaNotes

Boho Flowers Design Paper — LatuaNotes

Dreamy Flower Field Design Paper — LatuaNotes

PeanutsPlannerCo Insert 104 Yearly Base Bundle

Tiny Circle Icons — RandiDotPlans on Etsy

Poetry by Vean Ima — @vean_ima on Instagram

Summer Nights Printable — LionsHeartCreations on Etsy

Journaling Cards and Prompts — JournalingHome on Etsy

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