DIYFish MTN Version 2.2 Inserts

DIYFish MTN Version 2.2 Inserts

DIYFish MTN Inserts v2.2
DIYFish MTN Inserts v2.2











As if you all really need me to tell you this… Fish is brilliant. Freaking. Genius.

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MTN Version 2.2 Inserts: One Month or 5 Months (Aug-Dec 2014)

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  • I’m glad she started in August! If it had been July, I woulda ditched the whole one book thing!! Great video as always! Thanks for posting it so quickly!!! ^_^

  • Deborah-Jane Williams-Lewis

    Fish is indeed sweet.

  • Lisa Tauber Freeman

    The day per page for the Midori is brilliant because it means (I think) I can get rid of the booklet in my planner that I use as a daily bullet journal (which is separate from my Fish mtn calendar booklet) … now I won’t have to keep flipping back and forth between the daily bullet journal booklet and the calendar booklet. Talk about simplifying!!! Huzzah for Fish 🙂 (and thanks Carie for taking the time to show and tell ….)

  • natalie fergie

    You mean you’re not going to stick with a wee book? LOL

    • Nope, I’m not! I am, however, going to keep as much as possible on one book without having it be too stuffed. The smaller page size is perfect, to me, for journaling, but not for planning. 🙂

      • natalie fergie

        My husband has downsized from an A5 Filofax to an A6 one-book Hobonichi Techo, he is SO much happier with it.

  • knittingmum

    Hi, I recently discovered your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and set up, very helpful. DIYfish is brilliant! I am wondering what you will do with your Filofax? I have one and a traveler’s notebook. I am intrigued with the idea of carrying around one book instead of two.

    • Right now my Malden has all of the financial stuff for Mike & I in it. That setup is working well. I’m shocked that I still don’t miss the rings — I carried a ringed binder for nearly 26 years!

      • knittingmum


  • Doraelia Silva

    I just saw your video and wanted to know what do you use for your insert covers?

    • I just use whatever cardstock I have on hand. I have one package that has five colors in it, and I just grab whatever suits my mood at the moment. And then I spruce it up with Washi!

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