December 2014 Setup — LM-Hyperdex

December 2014 Setup — LM-Hyperdex

I could’ve also entitled this “Revenge of The Tick Boxes.” Or, “Watch Carie try to fix things after she became publicly obsessive about time and tasks because she was so overwhelmed.”

(And that overwhelmed feeling was just because of Thanksgiving. Let’s wait and see what Christmas does to my brain…)

I explain all of this in the video. Please feel free to point and laugh. 🙂

Here are all of the relevant links:

LM-Hyperdex Day on 2 Pages for the MTN

How Maryanne Moll uses her Hyperdex

How Tracy Reinhardt uses her LM-Hyperdex Pages (at the 12:30 mark)

Rhomany’s video in which she affirms the Overwhelm ( So. Many. Tick Boxes!!) that I had just eradicated the day before.

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