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What’s Your Why Not: Forgiving Yourself

What’s Your Why Not: Forgiving Yourself

We all make bad decisions… there are no Golden People. The importance lies not in the fact that you may have made a poor decision, but rather in what you do with it.

WYWN – Moving the Boat

WYWN – Moving the Boat

One of my favorite quotes that helps me to maintain motivation and avoid getting stuck in a rut:

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This particular quote is from the following book:

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Find A Why Not – Ep 2 – Unstuck’s Purpose Practice Sheet

Find A Why Not – Ep 2 – Unstuck’s Purpose Practice Sheet

Not sure what to do or where to start with Finding A Why Not? Try this.

You can find Unstuck’s Purpose Practice Sheet here.

Feel free to share any questions and anything you might learn about yourself through doing this!

Find A Why Not – Episode 1

Find A Why Not – Episode 1

More people than we probably realize fall into one of two camps:

  1. Those who have  no idea what one of their Why Nots might be, and
  2. Those who have so many Why Nots that they make no headway on any of them.

To start, let’s try three little tips for finding your Why Not.

Let go of the idea that there is One Grand Why Not.

I spent years searching for the One Big Thing that I was supposed to do with my life. It was only when I opened up to the idea that there may not be just one Earth-Screeching-To-A-Halt thing, but several smaller (yet no less important) Why Nots instead, that things began falling into place for me.

Take a good, hard look at your interests.

What subjects/topics/ideas mentally attract you? What makes you light up when you discuss it with others? Following this path could lead you to a Why Not.

Less thinking, more doing.

If you’re anything like me, you think about so many varied interests that you sometimes mire yourself down in the Thinking and don’t Do the Doing. If this is the case, try focusing on just one Why Not for roughly a week. Begin researching and pursuing it; if you find that it’s just not for you… well, that’s why we have to accept the first point above!



What a Response!

What a Response!

You have all blown my mind with the amazing response to the first What’s Your Why Not post.

In the spirit of chasing and achieving our Why Nots, I’ve been working on something that is by no means complete and seems utterly crazy, but it feels right, so I’m throwing it out there for all of you.

Instead of doing What’s Your Why Not as a series here, I’ve started an entirely separate website dedicated to just that. As I said in the introductory video, I would love to see this grow organically… I by no means have an entire series all outlined and ready to go. In order to have the room we may need to explore this crazy-huge topic together, a new site seems to be the right move.

This website here, my site, isn’t going anywhere, so don’t worry about that. This site will remain the same as it is now; only the What’s Your Why Not content will be on the new site.

My biggest reason for doing this is all of you. It has been amazing to see the conversations that sprouted up from the introductory video. In more than one social media arena, one person said, “Here’s my Why Not,” shortly followed by a response from someone else saying, “That’s my Why Not too! I started a year ago, and here’s where I am now.”

It made my heart warm to see people relating to each other and helping each other find their Why Nots. In order for that to continue to grow, I felt that we might try some forums… one place where we can all discuss our Why Nots, our struggles, our achievements, and help others.

So, go take a peek! As I said before, it’s by no means completely what I envision in full, but I want to start in bits & pieces like I did with this site.

I hope you all enjoy it, and I truly hope you all join in.

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