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October 2018 Planner Setup | Personal Rings

October 2018 Planner Setup | Personal Rings

Autumn is finally here! (I’m ignoring the fact that it’s currently hot and muggy outside. If I ignore it, it might go away.)

Planner Happiness for me is a brown planner in the autumn. It just is. Sometimes it’s rings, sometimes it’s strings. Right now, it’s rings.

All of the links to everything in the video are listed below and in the Description Box on YouTube. If you have any questions or if I missed anything, let me know!

Thank you so much for watching!


All the Links to All the Things!

Filofax Personal Malden Ochre

Kinleigh’s Doodles Doodlebox

SeeAmyDraw on Etsy

LilyandLolaCo on Etsy

Semikolon Page Flags

— GlitterDash from ChibbyPlans on Instagram

PeanutsPlannerCo Standard Grid MO2P 121

PeanutsPlannerCo Yearly Base Bundle 104

Zebra Mildliners

AnniePlansPrintables 15 Month Collab with EllePlan

“But Did You Die?” Digital Paper from Princesa Designs

MoneyWiz 3


PeanutsPlannerCo Horizontal Grid Weekly 144

Cocoa Daisy Free Printables

ChochoAndMimi on Etsy

— I think the Sweater Weather lettering was from JeseniaPrintables on Etsy (I don’t see it listed there now though.)

— SweaterWeather vinyl gift from Daksina

AnniePlansPrintables Daily Grid Collab with SeeAmyDraw

Paper Planning Magazine

PeanutsPlannerCo Appointments 037

PeanutsPlannerCo Insert Checklist 129

PeanutsPlannerCo Service Log 131

MarsiaBramucci on Etsy

PeanutsPlannerCo Vertical Timed WO2P 127



How I Use Evernote | One Book July 2018

How I Use Evernote | One Book July 2018

Evernote is a fantastic tool for keeping my paper planner streamlined and efficient. Moving reference information into Evernote rather than carrying it around in my paper planner leaves more room in my paper planner for other things I prefer on paper.

I use several apps in conjunction with Evernote as well:

How I Use Omnifocus | One Book July 2018

How I Use Omnifocus | One Book July 2018

Omnifocus is the main powerhouse app of the digital portion of my hybrid planning system. I use it for everything from simple task lists to repetitive projects and tasks to project planning.

There are many other features in Omnifocus that I personally don’t use; I didn’t speak about them because I’m not familiar with them and didn’t want to mistakenly misspeak.

For me, Omnifocus is fantastic for the following uses:

  • Repetitive projects and tasks
  • Quick capture of random ideas and tasks
  • Project organization


Week 2 Paper Planner Update | One Book July 2018

Week 2 Paper Planner Update | One Book July 2018

A quick update on the paper portion of my planning system for Week 2 of One Book July 2018!

The next videos will all be about the apps I use and how it all fits together to make a planning system that works for me! 🙂



Floral Photo Vellums from Reaping Willows on Etsy

Horizontal Grid Weekly with Daily Habit Tracker from Peanuts Planner Co (DR 144)

Charms from TwoWeeksOnMars on Etsy

Mini Wide Paperclips from LilyandLolaCo on Etsy

Personal Bow Covers Bundle from JeseniaPrintables on Etsy


A Brief Look at My Most-Used Planning Apps | One Book July 2018

A Brief Look at My Most-Used Planning Apps | One Book July 2018

I thought we’d start with an overview of my six most-used planning apps: Clue, Drafts, MoneyWiz, Evernote, Fantastical, and Omnifocus. The next digital-oriented videos will go more in-depth into how I use these apps and how they fit into my planning system.



MoneyWiz 3




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