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Atomic Habits – Week Two Readalong – One Book July 2021

Atomic Habits – Week Two Readalong – One Book July 2021

Week Two of our readalong covers The First and Second Laws of Atomic Habits by James Clear: Make Habits Obvious, and Make Habits Attractive.

Atomic Habits – Week One Readalong – One Book July 2021

Atomic Habits – Week One Readalong – One Book July 2021

Let’s talk about the Introduction and The Fundamentals of Atomic Habits by James Clear!

July 2021 Planner Setup – Pocket TN – One Book July

July 2021 Planner Setup – Pocket TN – One Book July

I’ve moved back into a Pocket TN for the summer! I needed something comfortable to carry with me, and this is perfect! All of the links are below the video!

— Atomic Habits by James Clear:

— ChicSparrow Pocket Cascade Morgan:*

— SouthernBellePlans on Instagram:

— JournalingHome on Etsy:

— GTD Mind Sweep Trigger List from Etsy:

— Sakura Pigma Micron 005 Pen:

— Field Notes Grid Notebooks:

— Vean Ima on Instagram:

— Midori Index Clips:

— Washi & Stickers from PaperMintyStudio on Etsy:

— She The Spy Instagram Story Frames:

— Zipper Pouch and Card Holder:

— The Neutral Planner Pride & Prejudice Collection:

— Cloth & Paper Page Flags:

— PinkPlannerGirl on Instagram:

— WO1P with Grid from AnthologyNotes on Etsy:

— Transparent Dots from AGlitteryLifePlans:

— Washi from Sterling Ink:

— Watercolor Floral Images from OPIA Design Studio on Etsy:

— Lined Month on 2 Pages from Marsia Bramucci on Etsy:

One Book July 2021 – Introduction

One Book July 2021 – Introduction

It’s that time of year again! (I’m pretty sure I say that every single year when One Book July is nigh… I should go back and look…).

This year we are focusing on Habits and Routines, something I desperately need as our world is slowly opening up again and we suddenly have places to be outside of the house.

I’ll be hosting another readalong as well! I look forward to this all year. This year we’ll be reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. Here is the reading schedule:

July 1 – July 4: Introduction & The Fundamentals

July 5 – July 11: The 1st Law and The 2nd Law

July 12 – July 18: The 3rd Law and The 4th Law

July 19 – July 25: Advanced Tactics and Conclusion

July 26 – August 1: Wrapup

My Intro video is below, and beneath that are all of the links to all of the other pertinent One Book July information. I hope you’ll join us!





February 2021 Planner Setup

February 2021 Planner Setup


January decided to throw us all for a loop, I’m pretty sure. In our own home, things changed literally overnight and I had to pivot quickly.

I loved my setup in my cut down A5 Stalogy. I truly did. I was thoroughly enjoying the break from all of the structure that I find inherent in my ringed planning.

And then I immediately needed that structure back. Post-haste.

So I went to what I intuitively know. What my brain will just use without having to exert any extra thought. My Comfort Size – Format – Inserts.

Personal Rings. DIYFish inserts. Done and Done.

Here are all of the links to all of the wonderful places that have helped me get my brain into some semblance of order amidst the pivoting and made it all pretty as well.

Trello Referral Link

Canva Referral Link

— Planner — Filofax Personal Malden, color Stone

Charm – Two Weeks on Mars on Etsy 

Page Marker – Paper Dove Shop on Etsy

Page Flags, Transparent Dots, and Stickers

Cloth + Paper Transparent Dots and Flags

A Glittery Life Plans Transparent Dots

Let’s Make It Sparkle Transparent Dots and Strips

Hobonichi Weeks School Page Flags from KaidensMomShops on Etsy


— 2021 Yearly Overview – AlibiDesignStudio on Etsy

2021 Yearly Foldout – Peanuts Planner Co Insert 147 Yearly Dated Bundle

Monthly and Weekly Inserts – DIYFish v3s2

— Goals Inserts – PaperTessDesigns Quarterly Overview

— Finance Inserts – PaperTessDesigns Versatile MO1P + Add-On Page

Minimalistic Yearly Foldout – SterlingInk on Etsy


Not Subtle Dashboard – SMPlans on Etsy 

MindyPlans_ on Instagram (Beautiful freebies AND Etsy Shop linked in her bio)

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