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Vlogtober Mini 3

Vlogtober Mini 3

So. Much. Chaos!

For tons of paper love, go straigtaway to Productive Luddite.

Vlogtober Mini 2

Vlogtober Mini 2

The kids have the day off of school, and it’s a Friday, which will have my internal calendar off by a day until at least next Wednesday (which is actually an improvement over last month, the bulk of which I spent thinking it was this month).

Vlogtober Mini 1

Vlogtober Mini 1

Ah… Vlogtober. I’ve never considered participating in Vlogtober, but I’ve watched my fair share of others’ contributions. The idea of making sure to record, edit, and post something every day for a month is fairly intimidating to me, but I wanted to try to come close. So, I give you the Vlogtober Mini.

I honestly don’t think I’m doing anything interesting enough to record every day; I would think that, after so many trips in the Frat Van, you’d get tired of seeing me sit behind the wheel. Then I remembered that I live with Many Crazy People, and I find them endlessly entertaining, so you might too!

Starting From Scratch — Mike’s First Paper Planner

Starting From Scratch — Mike’s First Paper Planner

The ever-increasing busy-ness of Mike’s schedule combined with his missing several key things right in a row have convinced him that he needs a paper planner. September holds two long road trips for hockey, so he spent the last few weeks getting moved in and adjusted before he hits the road. Here’s where we’re starting… we’ll revisit his planner in October to see how September went for him!

Here’s a peek at Mike’s first paper planner; it’s the result of several discussions we had while perusing the following websites.

(Watching him adjust to this is going to be so much fun!)

He loves the Vertical Week on Two Pages from Philofaxy, but I need to figure out how to tweak it into booklet style for use in a Midori-style notebook.

My Life All In One Place: July 2014-December 2016 Monthly Calendars and Daily Journal with Times

My overview of Mike’s leather notebook from ChicSparrow on Etsy

Applause Before 8 A.M.

Applause Before 8 A.M.

In order to tell you what I really want to tell you, I have to give you a little insight into what a Frat House Morning looks like on a school day.

In a nutshell, I get six kids to four different schools every school day, with a toddler in tow. While I only drive two of them to two different schools, I do make sure everyone is awake, fed, and presentable before they leave for the bus stop or the Frat Cab, whichever is their mode of transportation to school.

Every single school morning, at 7:30, I drive Jack to his elementary school, which is about six blocks from our house. I realize we could walk, but, if we did, I wouldn’t be back home in time to drive the next Frat Boy to his school, so we drive.

Every single morning, Jack gets out of the van, I watch him walk into the school, and I pull away to circumnavigate the other half of the rectangle of roads that will take me back home.

And every single morning, the same dad rides my bumper for three blocks until I make my left turn.

(OK, it isn’t every morning. That is to say, he isn’t necessarily riding my back bumper every morning, but he’s always tailing someone within my view way too closely. We’re all there at the same time driving the same cars in the same direction, every school morning, so he’s hard to miss.)

Bear in mind, every road within a 100-mile radius of my home is an Ice Rink of Death right now and has been for months. We all need to be careful, especially when there are kids approaching from every direction, on foot, trying to get to school.

This morning, I had to wait for oncoming traffic before I could make my left turn and escape the chaos that is The Morning Drop-Off. Bumper Boy (yes, he’s been so annoying for so long that he has earned a nickname) had been on me for his usual three blocks, following so closely that I couldn’t even see his headlights in my rear-view mirror. I had actually watched the front end of his SUV dip three times when he rode up so closely that he had to slam on his breaks to avoid hitting me (quickly followed by immediately riding right up my back bumper again. Can you say, “unteachable?”).

Then something amazing happened.

Something astonishing.

In the words of a mom who saw it and texted me afterwards, “That was beautiful!”

Right in the middle of the stand-still traffic, I put the Frat Cab into park and got out.

Bumber Boy and I were going to have a chat. I had had Enough.

I didn’t have far to walk as he was, as usual, right on my rear bumper. And none of the traffic was moving anyway. As I approached his window, he cracked it a bit.

Mustering all of the patience that a mother of seven could possibly contain, I calmly, firmly, as-nicely-as-can-be-done-through-gritted-teeth said,

“You’re following way too closely. You do it here, in front of a school, to everyoneevery morning. Stop. It.”

I turned around, walked back to The Frat Cab, continued to wait for the traffic to move so I could make my left turn, and finally made my exit.

Bumper Boy didn’t move until I was gone.

As I made that left turn, the kind woman who left a gap so I could go (a mom whose son goes to school with mine) put her window down and applauded.

The man in the car behind her did the same.

Before I got home, I had three texts from parents and two from teachers, all of whom were in that tangle of traffic with me, and all of whom have dealt with this man’s apparent lack of depth perception since August when the school year began.

I wonder what the morning drop-off will be like tomorrow.


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