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Quarter Four – 2021 – Planner Flip

Quarter Four – 2021 – Planner Flip

Before I do the quarterly reset, let’s flip through these pages!

Links to everything are in the Description Box! Thank you!

December 2021 Planner Setup

December 2021 Planner Setup

Okay, so this is technically my 2022 setup because I’m going to keep things as they are, but since the end of 2021 is still in there so I don’t lose my mind, we’re calling it the December setup.

Yes, I overthink things.

December 2021 Planner Setup

Links to all of the wonderfulness are in the video description box. I hope you enjoyed it!

The Dreaded Planner Rut – 25 Days of Planner Tips

The Dreaded Planner Rut – 25 Days of Planner Tips

It’s Day 5 of 25 Days of Planner Tips, which means it’s my turn!

Thank you to Tamra, The Paper and Pen Girl, for once again hosting one of my favorite collabs.

Let’s talk about the dreaded planning rut/funk.

Most of us have been there. At least once.

When you just don’t want to open your planner, and that feeling lasts for more than a few days.

I hope this month of videos can help you get out of that feeling when it hits.

Planner Flip-Through | September 2021

Planner Flip-Through | September 2021

I love seeing how other people utilize their planners because it makes me a better planner. Seeing someone else’s system, regardless of the format (rings, strings, bound, digital, whatever) can help me think about my system in a different and beneficial way.

I recently realized that, while planner flips are some of my favorite videos to watch, I never post them myself! In order to remedy that situation, immediately, I recorded a flip-through of my September 2021 inserts, all full and messy.

September 2021 Planner Setup

September 2021 Planner Setup

After over 18 months with everyone in this large family at home, everyone is back at school. Since I drive most of them, that means my schedule changed drastically. I went through three planner setups in a month until finally landing in my Standard TN. Here’s a video showing how I’m currently wrangling the chaos.

As always, here are all of the links. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I missed something!

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ChicSparrow Artist – Merian – Narrow – Cascade

Bookmark – SouthernBellePlans on IG

Script Stickers – The Dainty Collection – randiDOTplans on Etsy

Vellum – Watercolor Red Floral Vellum – Lucy Plans Life

Front Cover – Backgrounds for Instagram Stories Vol. 2 – SheTheSpy

Vellum – Floral Jungle – Lucy Plans Life

September Freebie – PaperTessDesigns on Instagram

Academic Year Month on Two Pages – AnthologyNotes on Etsy

Printable Sticky Notes – PaperTessDesigns x PlanningWithAlo Collab – Etsy

Printable Sticky Notes – PaperTess Designs – Etsy

All Washi and Decorative Stickers – PaperMintyStudio – Etsy

Peony Tabs – PlannerPress

Front Cover Frame – Story Frames for Instagram – SheTheSpy

Sweater Paper – Beige Knitted Texture Digital Paper – DesignInsideOut – Etsy

Weekly Insert – WO1P Basic – ThePaperAndCats – Etsy

Month Stickers (I made them into tabs) – CottonCrescent – will be opening new shop soon here:

Poems – Vean Ima Torto – Instagram

Grid Tomoe River Paper 160 pages – PaperPenguinCo – Etsy

Page Flags – Cloth And Paper

Tab Idea from Nicola – pink_planner_girl – Instagram

Clear Travelers Notebook Pouch with Pockets – Amazon

Whimsy Bookmark – SouthernBellePlans on IG

Watercolor Postcard from my brilliant friend Daksina (this was a gift, she does not sell them, but you should follow her because she’s brilliant and simply amazing)

I use Canva to make all of my Insert Covers, Dividers for Ring Planners, lots of my deco, all of my YouTube thumbnails, and loads of other things. Here’s my referral link if you’d like to try it out.

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