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Writer, YouTuber, Planning Nerd, Book Addict, Hockey Widow, Mom to Seven Boys.

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Writer, YouTuber, Planning Nerd, Book Addict, Hockey Widow, Mom to Seven Boys.

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March 2018 Hobonichi Weeks Setup

March 2018 Hobonichi Weeks Setup

Let me start by saying how much fun I’m having playing with this setup! In the past, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Tomoe River paper, but right now I’m absolutely loving it!

This is currently what I take with me when I’m out-and-about, unless I know I’m going to have time to sit in the car and work; in that case, my B6 comes with me.


And, of course, the links! 🙂

Chic Sparrow Weekly Calendar Cover in Odyssey Calypso

Chic Sparrow Dot Grid Weekly Size Insert

Digital Designs by Jodi on Etsy

Chic Sparrow Personal Size Dashboard Insert

Hobonichi Weeks on Amazon (There are a handful; this is just one) (Also, if you’re purchasing, be aware of the start date as they have both a January and an April Start.)

Hobonichi Weeks on Etsy (lots of listings)

Kinleigh’s Doodles

BrunellaBiStore on Etsy

ChochoAndMimi on Etsy


March 2018 Planner Setup

March 2018 Planner Setup

Finally, the March 2018 Planner Setup is up! Over the last few months I’ve tried several times to record a setup video, but, invariably, I accidentally left things showing regarding the trip to Chic Sparrow; since that was supposed to be a surprise, I decided to simply wait on doing the setup video until I returned from Spokane!

My main planner is currently a Chic Sparrow B6 Golden Maverick with 30 mm rings added and using all Personal Size Inserts. All of the links are below the video!

(ALSO: Big forewarning! For a little while in this video, you can hear the kitty making all sorts of crazy racket. She’s a stray who found us, and she went into heat right before I recorded this video. I edited it with the sound fairly low, so I didn’t realize how loudly she’s howling until after I posted it. She’s absolutely fine, and will be getting fixed soon as no one has claimed her and she’s decided we’re her people. 🙂 )

And here are alllll of the links!


Fast-Draft Your Memoir | Frat House Reads

Fast-Draft Your Memoir | Frat House Reads

My favorite nonfiction books are about writing — the craft, process, style, and the authors’ stories about their writerly ways. All of these books are dear to me, but there are some that rise above the rest, some that would be on my Favorites Shelf.

Fast-Draft Your Memoir by Rachael Herron tops all of them. No joke.

Let me start by saying that this book is absolutely not exclusive to writing memoir. This gem of a book is slam-full of writing process advice that pertains to any genre. I can not sing its praises highly enough (nor would I want to subject you to my singing… I like you too much to punish your ears with such a heinous assault).

Rachael Herron instructs in such an easy, funny, conversational style that I didn’t realize how much I was learning while reading. I highlighted the heck out of this book… my Clippings and Readwise accounts should have enough to keep them busy for quite a while! I read through nearly the entire book in one night, and have since read it again more closely and taken copious notes.

Rachael walks the reader through the entire writing process, from getting ideas, tackling self-doubt, and getting words on the page consistently, all the way to editing and publishing. The exercises are fun and highly informative, and the advice is practical and truly easy to implement. I now feel empowered and well-informed enough to even vanquish my mortal writing enemy… Editing. You’re going down, Editing.

For the first time, the thought of actually publishing a book feels doable. (Oh, I’ve written plenty, but editing and publishing knock me on my arse every time.)

Additionally, Rachael Herron distributes a writing newsletter and has a writing podcast called How Do You Write, in which she talks about practical writing advice with various authors. Both are wonderful weekly writerly treats.

If you’re even considering writing anything, regardless of the genre, regardless of your doubts and fears, grab this book. Seriously. My entire outlook on writing has been dramatically shifted because of it.


Podcast Episode 2: Deep Planning

Podcast Episode 2: Deep Planning

What is Deep Planning? Why do we want it? And how do we get it?

Podcast episodes are available on my Anchor station,  iTunes, Google Play Music, and all of your favorite podcast places. (At least it should be… I’m still figuring all of this out! 😉 )

When We Were Worthy – Frat House Reads

When We Were Worthy – Frat House Reads

Being a part of the planner community has given me so many wonderful things, and becoming acquainted with author Marybeth Whalen is definitely one of them! I read her book titled The Things We Wish Were True last March, and I was hooked. I couldn’t wait for the release of When We Were Worthy.

For me, one of the hallmarks of a Really Good Book is that the characters stick with me, months and even years after I’ve finished reading the book. If I find myself in any given situation and randomly think, “I wonder what so-and-so-character would think/do about this,” then that book was a winner for me. Marybeth writes what I call “Stealth Characters”… they sneak into my subconscious unnoticed while I’m reading the book, and then they randomly pop into my head sometimes months later.

When We Were Worthy takes place in a small town in Georgia, where a car accident upends the lives of the entire community. The narrative shifts focus amongst four women who are involved with and affected by this accident in various ways. I personally enjoy books that employ multiple narrators, and I never found the shift between points of view jarring or distracting.

As the story unwinds in four different-yet-related directions, little glimpses at what might have happened or what might happen next are sprinkled throughout and kept my attention. More than once, I thought I had things figured out, and in one case I was correct. In one case, I was way off (I love it when that happens!).

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